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Open future model, Innovate food market

——FBIF2018 Event Report

“Global Innovation, Powering the Future”, one of the most influential food and beverage events in the world—Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2018FBIF2018is held in Shanghai on 18-20 April, 2018. The Forum is the theme of “Packaging Innovation”, including product innovation A (dairy products, beverages), product innovation B (special food, snacks), marketing innovation and packaging innovation. Four divided forums attract various famous brands, like Nestle, Coca Cola, COFCO, NONGFU SPRING, KONG, MENGNIU, and YILI; discuss the frontier and latest development of food and beverage industry.


Jiangsu Goodled Precision Optoelectronics Co., ltd, as the sponsor of packaging innovation parallel session, is invited to participate in this forum for the first time. Chairman and General Manager, Jiang Wenxian, as the host of this parallel session, presides over the whole agenda of the conference on 19th April. From 2 entry points of “Design & Strategy” “Materials & Technology”, the conference focus on tracking the latest technology and hot information in the industry; discuss the new changes, new ideas and new development of the packaging innovation industry.



In the next five to ten years, packaging industry will face a critical period of digital, intelligent and Internet + transformation and upgrading. In the material, equipment, products and process, all have big changes. Innovation is overwhelming, is the engine driving the development of the industry. Goodun, as the international leading UV LED semiconductor chip technology developer & UV curing system solution provider, deeply feel the mission and responsibility of LED light curing equipment manufacturer for green package printing. The company takes this professional platform to show the international leading "GOODUN" brand curing equipment, printing special series to the target customers in global food and beverage packaging industry; K630 and KP1080 receive a lot of attention and high praise.



Goodun always adhere to “Craftsman Spirit”; performance improvement of UV LED curing products is the main line, continuously develop high-tech, green energy-saving series products of “more intelligent, rich soul”. Meanwhile, the company is doing its best to develop the latest RFID technology, implementing product data traceability management; for food and beverage industry, it can track all links from the raw materials, the production process, logistics, final sales status, to realize the big data analysis and intelligent control of the product.

“Intelligent R&D, Smart manufacturing”, Goodun will continue to strive for excellence in product quality and performance, create more economic benefits for customers and society, make all our contribution for the ecological low carbon and green earth.