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Goodun sports meeting ended sucessfully

In the afternoon of 3th Dec.2016, Goodun successfully held the interesting sports meeting in Changzhou Olympic Sports Center.


The Games include blind football, heart to heart, dragging the tail, five persons four-legged and collective jump rope. All staffs are divided into five groups to show team sport spirits. In the arena, our Goodun athletes fight courageously, and show their talents; From the auditorium, the cheering come and go all the time. Many employees say that it is the first time to participate in fun sports games, feel the warmth from Goodun big family.







The purpose of the sports is to let Goodun office staff stand up from the desk, employees come out from the front of the machine, let Goodun people move together! The sports games are different, but the theme is same of "fun" and "team". Not only requires personal witty and flexibility, but also need pay attention to the team with selfless dedication.

After the competition, Goodun leaders award prizes to the winning staff and take photos for memory.



With careful planning and well-organizing, the rules of this interesting sports games are strict, and everything is orderly. By this sports meeting, Goodun team race out of the competitive level, race out of the moral, race out of the personality style, race out of friendship, race out of their performance.